Our Services

Our Services

Customization Option

Our factory is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and has experienced craftsmen who transform design concepts and meticulously fabricate each cabinet component with precision and attention to detail. We utilize a combination of traditional woodworking techniques and modern manufacturing processes to ensure the highest standards of quality throughout the manufacturing process.

At Filco Limited, we offer an extensive range of high-quality PVC Laminated Boards, on MDF, Particle Board and Block boards. We guide clients in choosing the most suitable materials based on their preferences, budget, and desired level of customization.


We offer Edge banding services through specialized machinery to apply the edge banding material accurately and securely.

We let our clients choose the type, colour, and finish of the edge banding material to match their project’s requirements.

Board Lamination

At Filco, we laminate the surface of our boards providing a protective barrier that shields them from these potential hazards, extending their lifespan and maintaining their appearance by making them durable and at the same time making the board aesthetically appealing, easy maintenance, more versatile and cost-effective.

Our PVC boards are resistant to scratches, abrasion, fading, and damage from moisture and chemicals. They come in Particle boards, MDF or Block boards. Our customers can choose from our wide variety of colours and woodgrain patterns in Matt and High Gloss.


Our CNC Wood Services offer a wide range of woodworking solutions, including:

Cutting and shaping boards into various shapes and sizes with great precision, carving and engraving intricate designs and patterns into wood surfaces, routing and milling to create grooves, joints, and complex three-dimensional shapes in boards, furniture production for cabinets, tables, chairs, and other furniture pieces, ensuring precise dimensions and consistent quality and custom woodworking to cater to individual preferences and specifications.

CNC Wood Services offer advantages such as increased efficiency, consistency in production, reduced waste, and the ability to create complex designs. These services are often employed in various industries, including furniture manufacturing, interior design, architecture, signage, and art.

We also ensure proper and precise placement of hinge (malpha) holes for proper movement and alignment of the hinge mechanism. The holes are typically aligned with the pivot points of the hinge and are where the hinge components such as pins or knuckles are inserted.

Cutting and Sizing

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