What are the standard sizes for kitchen cabinets?

The number and the estimations of the cabinets you will require in your kitchen depend on a variety of variables. The foremost imperative will be the area of and the relationship between key work centers within the kitchen. Putting the sink, fridge, cooktop, stoves, and microwave broiler comes to begin with; their arrangement will decide where the kitchen cabinets can be situated. All kitchen cabinet estimations ought to be double-checked against the manufacturer's determinations for the apparatuses you select. Something else, there is a peril that they won't fit legitimately without major alterations amid establishment or won't fit at all without requesting an unused kitchen cabinet component.

Typical Kitchen Cabinet Dimensions

  • Base cabinets - typically 24" deep (also 12", 15", 18") and 34 1/2" tall (countertops add 1 1/2" to make the finished height 36").

  • Upper/Wall cabinets - mostly 12" deep (also 15", 18", 24") and 12", 15", 18", 24", 30 " (typical), 36", 42" tall.

  • Combinations, like placing base cabinets back-to-back to form a 4' wide island are also typical.

  • Some 24" deep base cabinets may include doors on both the back and front for special applications.