Cutting List: A revolutionary tool for Kitchen and Wardrobe Installation.

A cutting list is simply a list of all the parts or components that will be required to construct a project. It can also be referred to as a material list, bill of materials or a schedule of materials. More often than not a cutting list is filled out by an Installer on behalf of a client rather than the client doing it personally.

Information filled in to a cutting list can be derived from numerous sources: architectural detail drawings, a measured or scale drawing, a mock-up project, a physical site visit or an existing piece of furniture. Most cutting lists follow a conventional way of listing the required details.

At the very least a cutting list describes every part in terms of its width, length and thickness. It also indicates how many of each part is required (quantity) as well as naming the parts as a means of indicating and describing their functions e.g. (Door, side panel, drawer front, cleat etc.)

Cutting lists can also include information about the joinery to be done to the pieces noted, and what type of wood or material they are to be made from. Without an accurate cutting list, you will lose efficiency and accuracy and be more likely to waste timber, money and energy.

A cutting list also entails other possible jobs that can be carried out on a piece of wood e.g. edging (lipping), grooving, glass cut-outs and any other CNC information required for the piece in question.

You can find a downloadable copy of our cutting list by visiting our website on www.limitedfilco.com